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Hello, I thought I'd share some information about the actual blog. It has been built mostly from the ground up to regain some lost knowledge as well as learn some new things. The main technologies that I have made use of in development of this blog: - PHP - Markdown - Bootstrap - JSON It uses PHP because that is what runs on the shared hosting that I use, so I was restricted in that sense but I used to do a lot of PHP a couple years ago. So I thought I could use it as a refresher. It uses Markdown via [PageDown]( on the client side to render Markdown into HTML. I have grown to love the simplicity that Markdown offers while using GitHub on a couple [open source](/portfolio/index.php?project=agm) [mods](/portfolio/index.php?project=tfar) for Arma 3. So I decided to use Markdown as the means of converting a post's text into HTML. It uses [Bootstrap]( because that is always a good idea to avoid having to handle a variety of responsive design concerns. Also Bootstrap provides a nice base off which to build by providing reusable components. And finally, instead of using a database like MySQL. I decided to use [JSON]( files for storing the metadata for posts/authors/pages/site. I had recently used JSON for a Android project and I wanted to make use of it a bit more. It appeared to be a fairly powerful storage system. In closing, I am working on fixing a few things and adding a few more. Once it is at a more stable level with a few more necessary features (like an actual editor backend), I will be releasing the source code on GitHub. Although I could probably do that now I'd rather wait until there are a few more things completed. _Garth_